Infrastructure Technologies & Security Infrastructure Technologies & Security

Infra Tech & Securities

Networks, Firewalls, VPNs, Load Balancers, WAF Application, IAM, EDR, XDR, Mail Gateways, Storage, Network & Security, Operating System Services, Backup Operations, Virtualization, BCP & DR, Apache Guacamole

Data Services Icon Data Services Icon

Data Services

Master Data Management, Database Administration, Database Support, Database Migrations, Database Upgrades, Data Analytics

Implementation Services Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Data Centre Build, Network Infrastructure Setup, Virtualization, Security Solutions Implementation, Cloud Migrations

Cloud Services Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle IAM Cloud Service, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft IAM Cloud Service

FMS (Facility Management Services) FMS (Facility Management Services)

FMS (Facility Management Services)

Data Centre Operation, System Maintenance & Support, End User Device Management, Asset Management, Service Management, Enablement & Adaptation

Software Development & Testing Software Development & Testing

Software Development & Testing

Offshore Development, RPA, DevSecOps Adoption & Implementation, Testing Automation, Offshore Testing, Load & Performance Testing

Infra Tech & Securities

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Application Layer Protection
Behavioural Analysis
Granular Access Control
Session Security
Logging and Monitoring & more

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Load Balancer

Access Control and IP Blacklisting
Session Persistence and Stickiness
Protocol Validation and Filtering
SSL / TLS Offloading and Acceleration
Load Balancing and Network Segmentation & more

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Realtime Endpoint Monitoring
Endpoint Visibility
Endpoint Isolation
User and Entity Behaviour Analytics
Threat Hunting Capability & more

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DNS Protection
Mitigation of DDoS Attack
Rate Limiting
IP Reputation Filtering
Network Redundancy & more

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Policy Enforcement
Guest Access Management
Network Segmentation
Automated Remediation
Endpoint Compliance Check & more

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SSL / TLS Decryption
Deep Packet Inspection
Malware Detection
Certificate Validation
Performance Optimization & more

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User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
Identity Lifecycle Management
Single Sign-On
User Authentication
Role Based / Policy Based Access & more

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IP Address Allocation and Subnet Management
IP Address Reservation
Historical IP Address Usage
Zone and Record Management
IP Lease Management and DHCP Relay & more

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Signature Based Detection
Intrusion Response and Mitigation
File Integrity Monitoring
Registry Monitoring
Exploit Prevention & more

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Traffic Analysis
Anomaly Detection
Packet Capture and Analysis
Continuous Monitoring
Incident Reporting and Alerts & more

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NGFW Intranet

Application Visibility and Control
Internal Segmentation
Application Layer Filtering
Centralized Management
Quality of Service & more

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Secure Key Storage
Cryptographic Operations
Tamper Resistance
Key Lifecycle Management
Secure Key Destruction & more

Data Services

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Data Standardization
Data Governance
Data Quality Management
Data Integration
Data Security and Privacy & more

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Database Administration

Database Installation and Configuration
Performance Tuning and Optimization
Backup and Recovery Management
Security Administration
User Access and Permissions Management & more

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Database Support

Query Optimization and Tuning
Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution
Database Monitoring and Maintenance
Patch Management and Upgrades
Documentation and Knowledge Sharing & more

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Database Migration

Planning and Assessment
Schema Migration
Data Migration
Testing and Validation
Rollback and Post-Migration Support & more

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Data Analytics

Data Collection and Acquisition
Data Cleaning and Preprocessing
Exploratory Data Analysis
Statistical Analysis and Modeling
Data Visualization and Interpretation & more

Implementation Services

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Data Center Build

Infrastructure Planning and Design
Power and Cooling System Installation
Network Setup and Configuration
Rack and Stack Hardware Deployment
Security and Access Control Implementation & more

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Network Infrastructure Setup

Network Planning and Design
Hardware Procurement and Installation
Configuration of Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
Implementation of Network Security Protocols
Testing of Network Performance & more

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Hypervisor Selection and Installation
Virtual Machine Provisioning and Management
Resource Allocation and Optimization
High Availability and Disaster Recovery Setup
Monitoring and Performance Tuning & more

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Risk Assessment
Security Tool Deployment
Firewall Configuration
Encryption Implementation
Continuous Monitoring & more

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